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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic Thailand

Restore Your Functional Ability with Highly Effective Physical Therapy

Many people are experiencing symptoms and signs of mobility limitation. Regardless of age, without an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment, these conditions can become more difficult each day and can finally lead to disability. Baan Lalisa Nursing Home in Thailand has established our onsite Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Clinic to help each individual increase their ability to function and to maximise their quality of life. Our physical therapy treatment is specially developed for patients with neurological diseases such as Stroke, Paralysis and Parkinson’s Disease. We also have a physical therapy programme for post-hospitalised patients, patients with diabetes and those who are suffering from chronic pain.
Our trusted team of physical therapists and healthcare professionals are certified by Thailand’s Ministry of Health so you can be assured to receive high-quality treatment. With round-the-clock support from our highly-experienced nursing team, you will be set in a warm and relaxing environment that prepares your body and mind for better recovery.

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Why Choose Physical Therapy Programme at Baan Lalisa in Thailand?

Stroke Rehabilitation

The study from the Stroke Association shows there are more than 100,000 stroke cases happening in the UK each year — one case every five minutes. After a stroke, a patient may experience paralysis and have problems with balance and coordination. Some may lose the ability to move parts of the body. Therefore, they need physical therapy to help them regain their movements. At Baan Lalisa Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic Thailand, rehabilitation can begin as soon as a stroke patient is stable.

Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand offers a dedicated stroke rehabilitation programme.

Balance Improvement and Fall Prevention

Lack of ability to balance is one of the major causes of falling in older age. Falls can be very dangerous and can put you at risks of serious injury and complications as well as a loss of strength and endurance. To prevent all these, Baan Lalisa’s Physical Therapy Programme is designed to provide balance exercises emphasising on strength and flexibility. With the help of our certified physical therapists, our clients can again move with balance and find it easier to perform their daily tasks with lower risks of falling.

Nerve Diseases and Chronic Muscle Pain

Neurological physical therapy is provided for clients with nerve-related conditions like Paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke by a neurologically-trained physical therapist team. Our Physical Therapy Programme can help each client achieve their goal of better balance, stretching, and strength as each therapy plan is tailored to suit each client’s special conditions.
And if you’re having problems with persistent pain that never goes away, physical therapy may be an option to manage your pain and regain your mobility. Our professionals will work with you to create a pain management programme which gives knowledge about your conditions and offers safe exercises and some techniques to reduce the pain.
You can also include Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy in your treatment plan. Since it has no side effects, TMS therapy is suitable for patients with brain-based conditions and chronic pain. With its non-invasive nature, we provide TMS therapy together with constant physical therapy for the best recovery results.
Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand offers an effective treatment programme for those suffering from nerve diseases and chronic muscle pain.
After illness, injury, or surgery, some people may have conditions and pain associated with bone and joint diseases. Without proper treatment, these conditions can lead to chronic pain and disability. At our physical therapy clinic, we examine your medical history and physical examination before giving you physical therapy. All therapy sessions are administered by licensed therapists to ensure effectiveness and safety for our clients. Our team can also give advice on other physical activities you would like to participate in daily life.

Parkinson’s Disease

The neurological physical therapist team at Baan Lalisa works together with you through all processes to help manage and improve your motor symptoms. We will firstly evaluate and examine your strength, flexibility, and balance before developing a personalised treatment plan that is adjustable to your conditions. With the aim of making your daily activities easier, we provide some special exercises and strategies to deal with tremor and slow movement for your better wellbeing.
Baan Lalisa assisted living Thailand offers an effective treatment programme for those suffering from Parkins’s disease.
Baan Lalisa assisted living Thailand offers an effective physical therapy programme for those having diabetes.
Experiencing acute weight gain and diabetes symptoms such as chronic pain and weakness, people with type II diabetes are suggested to have physical therapy as it helps increase strength and reduce risks of falls. Baan Lalisa’s Physical Therapy Programme is designed to help clients to do exercises and training that have been proven effective in improving mobility and strength. You will get a personalised therapy that is specific to your conditions and fitness level. Above all, you will always stay safe when exercising under professional supervision.

Cutting-edge Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment

Baan Lalisa offers TMS treatment as an optional treatment for clients who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, stroke and chronic pain. This cutting-edge and non-invasive TMS treatment can help with the functioning of the nervous system. With no side effects, clients can easily get TMS therapy at our onsite clinic. Compliant with constant physical therapy, many clients have confirmed the positive effects after receiving TMS sessions.
Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand offers an effective treatment programme for those suffering from Parkins’s disease.
Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand offers an innovative and non-invasive treatment technology - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation that proved to treat effectively in brain-based functions.
By getting active in the water, our professional physical therapist team provides Hydrotherapy sessions for seniors to increase their mobility and strength. Baan Lalisa provides effective hydrotherapy in a safe environment that focuses on balance and postural perturbation-based exercises in aquatic swimming pools. Our dedicated team helps clients improve balance, motor and cognitive tasks with improved motivation and positive attitude towards exercises. You do not need to know how to swim to participate in hydrotherapy sessions because the water level is about chest high and all sessions are performed with close supervision by certified therapists.

Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand: Inclusive Solution to Your Movement

For many years, our professionals at Baan Lalisa have been committed to delivering the best Physical Therapy Programme that improves our clients’ quality of life. No matter what condition ails you, we can come up with a cost-effective physical therapy plan that can help you move again with independence. We also include cutting-edge TMS therapy as an additional treatment. Consult with us today to see what we can do to help you feel renewed like never before.



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