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Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Pattaya: a Cheerful Living with Top Standard Nursing Care and Services in Thailand

Welcome to Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Pattaya, the top-quality nursing home in Thailand. We provide the highest quality of care along with a wide variety of services for the elderly in an idyllic location well known for relaxing and a welcoming environment. Our facility is located in the centre of Pattaya, nestled away in the tropical oasis landscape with a serene and tranquil environment. Our rooms are well-designed with the generous use of stylish textures which create a warm-hearted atmosphere and complete with full-service amenities and a magnificent ocean view. We strive to provide high-quality well-being for our private residents with the personalised care program, bed-ridden program, stroke program, post-operative care and rehab program.

Thailand is one of the most prominent destinations for an elderly care home due to the affordable costs along with the excellent quality of care. Thai people have fostered respect for the elderly with dignity and integrity as a part of their culture. Our highly-experienced nursing team will take care of your loved ones as their valued family member. We build, maintain, and develop a relationship with your loved one by learning their interests and listening to the individual’s need to connect to your loved one as much as possible. Moreover, we are dedicated to helping the elderly and their family enjoy their time together at one of the most critical moments in their lives. Your loved one will be assisted by our professional registered nurse with the round-clock care 24/7, weekly visitation by a doctor, and personalised care support to help them perform daily living activities and achieve their maximum functional capacity.

Personalised care

At Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Pattaya, we understand that different people need a different level of care. We provide customised care for your loved ones to minimise the problem of losing a sense of identity. Our highly experienced medical team will design and develop a specialised care program for each person by relying on an individual’s need and condition. Our experienced nurse team is available to support your loved one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moreover, we also provide a weekly visitation by a highly experienced doctor so that you can ensure that your loved ones will be under doctor supervision.

The Highest Standard of Care at Baanlalisa Nursing Home in Thailand

Baan Lalisa places a great emphasis on the exceptional standard of care and treatment. For the most effective recovery results, we believe that every treatment plan must be personalised and adapted to each individual client’ needs. Our specialist professionals are dedicated to provide care and support to maximise all residents’ quality of life and wellbeing.

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Professional medical and nursing teams at Baanlalisa Nursing Home in Thailand

Experienced Medical Professionals and Qualified Nursing Staffs

Providing specialist care and support by experienced medical teams and qualified staff is one of Baan Lalisa’s top priorities. To ensure your loved ones’ quality of life, all clients are visited daily by doctors and are able to access round-the-clock assistance from our caregivers.

Specialised Care Programme for Stroke, Post-operative and Bedridden Care and Rehabilibitation.

Choosing a nursing home for your loved ones can be a critical decision, especially when your loved one experiences any conditions. Without proper care, there are various complications that can develop within a short time, including pressure sore, ankylosis, loss of muscle strength, depression, etc. At Baan Lalisa Pattaya, we offers the specialised care for each condition because we believe that each individual has unique needs. Our medical team and caregivers will take a look at each condition and take care of your loved ones by providing high-quality tailored care plans and treatments in order to prevent these complications and risks that affect their health and well-being.

At Baan Lalisa Assisted Living in Thailand, all clients will receive the 24/7 care from the highly-experienced nursing team.
A daily physical therapy is performed under a close care of professional therapists at Baanlalisa Nursing Home in Thailand

Daily Physical Therapy

Staying active is one of the significant factors in maintaining and boosting your loved ones’ health. At Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Pattaya, we provide daily physical therapy to your loved ones to encourage and sustain their daily physical function. Performing a suitable physical therapy routine can reduce potential complications of immobility including pressure sores, muscle contraction, Spinocerebellar ataxia, etc. Our therapist will evaluate your loved ones’ performance to improve their health and movement. We also provide weekly report progress to stay connected with the family.

Ambulance Service

Baan Lalisa provides 24-hour ambulance service to all clients in emergency cases. We also offer non-emergency patient transportation for accompanying patients to doctor appointments at hospital and to return home.

24-hour ambulance service at Baanlalisa Nursing Home Thailand.
A nutritionist at Baanlalisa Nursing Home Thailand

Weekly Dietary Guidance by Our Nutritionists

We pay attention to every aspect that makes your loved ones’ life as good as possible, including food and nutrition. A well-balanced diet is fundamental to good health and well-being. Consuming healthy foods not only has the benefits beyond maintaining a healthy weight but also helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases, including stroke and diabetes. At Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Pattaya, our nutritionist will design and customise high-quality meals to your loved ones by considering their health condition and individual needs so that your loved one can stay healthy and happy.

Live the meaningful life in the most comfortable home at Baan Lalisa

We take pride in our high-quality services, treatments, staff and our reputation. We aim to provide your loved one with a personal care plan by understanding their stories and interests to improve their long-term well-being. Along with our gracious hospitality, you can ensure that your loved one will be valued and treated with compassion, respect and dignity. If you are looking for the new home for your loved one who requires compassionate care, contact Baan Lalisa Pattaya today for more information


Our Programmes

Only daily care and a balanced diet may not be enough for ageing well. Baan Lalisa offers holistic care underlying clients’ both physical and mental wellbeing. Our care plan focuses on your health improvement and social connection that will help seniors maintain a dignified life.
effective care plan for bedridden clients.
Bedridden Care

Our nursing team is specially trained in bedridden patient care. To prevent some complications and to support personal hygiene, 24-hour expertise care is provided along with repositioning and a daily doctor visit to ensure the proper caring for a bed-bound patient. 

Personalised care programme for chronic pain at Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand.

Chronic Pain Care

Chronic Pain Care Programme encompasses many kinds of treatment that will help resolve the pain for a pain-free life. Physical therapy, hydrotherapy, and ergonomic therapy are selectively included for the most effective healing process.

Baan Lalisa is specialised in dementia and alzheimer.
Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

Baan Lalisa’s care programme for dementia patients combines all elements required for effectiveness in delaying dementia. Apart from extra care, a good diet, and brain exercises, cutting-edge technologies like NEF is also applied to help them maintain a quality of life.

High level of care is always affordable at Baan Lalisa. We are a trusted retirement facility in Thailand that not only provides world-class care and support for our clients but also offers a wide range of activities that will bring happiness and joy into your retirement.
Alzheimer’s Disease Care at Retirement Home Thailand

Stroke Care

It is challenging to take care of your loved one who is suffering from the complications of a stroke. Providing proper care is essential for stroke patients due to their vulnerable health condition. Baan Lalisa offers a high-quality stroke care program along with the close supervision from our experienced registered nurse team.

Live Gracefully in Your Well-loved Home: Baan Lalisa Nursing Home in Thailand

Be a part of our family. At Baan Lalisa Pattaya, your loved ones are ensured to receive the highest standard of nursing care and treatment by experienced professionals. Maintaining a powerful and meaningful life by getting access to 24-hour assistance and living in a comfortable and cheerful environment with friends. Stay with us, you will be confident that your loved ones will receive the best service from us. We believe that longer lives bring greater opportunities for personal fulfilment, skill development, and critical contributions to society. If you’re ready to explore all the possibilities that the golden years have to offer, Contact Baan Lalisa Today for more information on how we can then come up with a nursing care plan to help bring light and laughter back into the life of your loved one

Our Customer Review

My dad is getting better after staying at Baan Lalisa Nursing Home. He is looked after closely with the best care from the team. I am highly impressed by advice given on aftercare. I am so impressed by all aspects of service and the treatment here.

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