Baan Lalisa Thailand’s Best Nursing Home and Assisted Living for elderly

Baan Lalisa: The Best Nursing Home in Thailand

All homes of Baan Lalisa are located in the mountainous areas of Thailand where you can experience an abundance of nature and warm weather of tropical climate. We have our own established gardens and lakes which nourish all clients an experience of true relaxation in a homely and peaceful environment. Baan Lalisa offers the high quality of holistic care under the supervision of our professional doctors and expert nurses who work together to develop personalised care programmes tailored to meet each individual’s needs. Our programmes cover the care for elderly, bedridden patients, and patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, paralysis, stroke, Alzheimer and chronic pain as well as post-hospitalised patients.


Considering the lower cost of living in Southeast Asia compared to the West, Thailand offers the highest standard of care and services with an affordable price. Living with us, you will become a part of our much-loved home where genuine quality of care is unlimited. Live cheerfully in Thailand’s most serene cities at Baan Lalisa Nursing Care Home Thailand.

Experience the Highest Standard of Nursing Care at Your Affordable Cost Daily Physical Therapy Personalised Care Plan by Highly-Experienced Medical Team 24/7 Assistance by English-Speaking and Qualified Nursing Team Resort-style and clean residential accommodation surrounded by picturesque rice fields and traditional Thai Lanna villages. Personalised Nutrition Plan Call Us Now VISA Assistance, airport pickup

Why Baan Lalisa is Your Best Choice for a Nursing Home in Thailand?

Amazing Locations and Warm Weather

Say goodbye to the long cold winter and live in a tropical resort-style residence in Thailand. All of our homes are set in the country’s highest mountainous areas of northern Thailand and are only 20-minute away from the city’s hubs. Due to the warm weather of tropical climate, many onsite activities and sightseeing trips can be organised throughout the year to help you get to know more about local communities and Thai cultures.
Our highly-experienced teams at Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand

Care by Our Highly-Experienced Teams

Our exclusive group of clients are provided with care and support by well-trained nursing teams under the supervision of professional doctors. All residents can get access to 24-hour care during their stay. With an attentive and caring team, Baan Lalisa’s fully qualified medical professionals are able to speak fluent English and are dedicated to assisting you.

TMS Onsite Clinic

Baan Lalisa is the only Nursing Home in Thailand that provides TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) as an alternative treatment. Our onsite TMS clinic provides treatment for those suffering from dementia, Parkinson’s disease, depression, and those who do not respond to their medications treatment. This non-invasive treatment is approved by the FDA and the study has found its positive effects on stroke rehabilitation. Without any side effects, TMS is considered as a suitable and painless treatment for elderly patients.
We are the only nursing home centre in Thailand that provides the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment in our onsite nursing care centre.

Physical Therapy

Baan Lalisa’s physical therapy is provided to bedridden patients, stroke patients and those who are undergoing rehabilitation after injury or surgery. Our daily therapy programme is performed and monitored closely by our professional physical therapists to help you move with less discomfort and to reduce potential complications of immobility. Every week, our therapists will evaluate each patient’s performance, create recovery plans, and report progress to their families.

Specialised programme for stroke, paralysis, and post-operative care

Understanding each client’s needs and requirements, our medical professionals work collaboratively to develop a specialised treatment plan that is most suitable for each individual. For stroke, paralysis, and post-operative care, daily physical therapy is performed by our therapists to help patients maintain and improve better physical ability. We also emphasise holistic person-centred care which covers the improvement in both physical and mental wellbeing.
At Baan Lalisa assisted living in Thailand, we will receive the ambulance service from our expert ambulance team.


Baan Lalisa provides 24-hour ambulance service to all clients in emergency cases. Our experienced nurses are trained to deal with medical emergencies. We also offer non-emergency patient transportation for accompanying patients to doctor appointments at the hospital and to return home.

Become a part of our family

All clients at Baan Lalisa are taken care of like a part of our family. To make this place the warmest home, our caregivers are able to give you full attention and are devoted to helping you with your requirements. We also have various recreational onsite and offsite activities and social gatherings that you can participate in. Become a part of our well-loved community, make friends, and let us bring more laughters into your life.

Our Programmes

Elder care movement activity at Baan Lalisa Thailand that promotes the mobility
Elderly Care
Only daily care and a balanced diet may not be enough for ageing well. Baan Lalisa offers holistic care underlying clients’ both physical and mental wellbeing. Our care plan focuses on your health improvement and social connection that will help seniors maintain a dignified life.
effective care plan for bedridden clients.
Bedridden Care
Our nursing team is specially trained in bedridden patient care. To prevent some complications and to support personal hygiene, 24-hour expertise care is provided along with repositioning and a daily doctor visit to ensure the proper caring for a bed-bound patient. We use a monitoring and alarming system called “NEF” to remotely monitor an in-bed patient’ movements.
Personalised care programme for chronic pain at Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand.
Chronic Pain Care
Chronic Pain Care Programme encompasses many kinds of treatment that will help resolve the pain for a pain-free life. Physical therapy, hydrotherapy, TMS, ultrasound therapy, and ergonomic therapy are selectively included for the most effective healing process.
Baan Lalisa is specialised in dementia and alzheimer.
Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care
Baan Lalisa’s care programme for dementia patients combines all elements required for effectiveness in delaying dementia. Apart from extra care, a good diet, and brain exercises, cutting-edge technologies like TMS and NEF are also applied to help them maintain a quality of life.
a specialised long stay programme at Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand.
Long Stays
High level of care is always affordable at Baan Lalisa. We are a trusted retirement facility in Thailand that not only provides world-class care and support for our clients but also offers a wide range of activities that will bring happiness and joy into your retirement.
a specialised short stay programme at Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand.
Short Stays
Thailand has long been a world renowned destination for vacation. Our short-term programme offers you a tour around the northern region of Thailand. Explore the country’s most incredible natural wonders and fascinating culture while staying in the best nursing care home in Thailand.

Baan Lalisa: We Covers All Needs of Your Loved Ones

Baan Lalisa’s is an all-inclusive retirement facility and assisted living in Thailand. With a dedicated highly-experienced team, our unique programme focuses on holistic care that will treat both your body and mind. Find out more about why we are trusted by numbers of clients and live your life to the fullest with us at Baan Lalisa.



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