Baan Lalisa Asia’s Best Retirement Home in Thailand.

Asia’s Best Long-Term Care Facility at Baan Lalisa
Retirement Home and Nursing Home in Thailand

Providing care for ageing parents with brain-based conditions like Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Parkinson’s Disease is a challenging task. To maintain a dignified life, they need long-term care for both physical and mental health. At Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand, we work with you and your loved one to create the most effective personalised care plan that covers all elements of quality of life. Our healthcare professionals are trained in English and can deliver prompt care and support when needed.
With the high standard of care and hospitality, Thailand is a well-known destination for assisted living and retirement living. At Baan Lalisa, we offer long-term care for clients from around the world. Our branches are located in the mountainous Northern region where you will be fulfilled with new experiences of Northern Thai culture. Our exquisite residential care homes have a warm and friendly environment with our own gardens and a lake. Get the high-quality of care for your parents with a cost-effective long term programme we have to offer.

Experience the Highest Standard of Nursing Care at Your Affordable Cost Daily Physical Therapy Personalised Care Plan by Highly-Experienced Medical Team 24/7 Assistance by English-Speaking and Qualified Nursing Team Resort-style and clean residential accommodation surrounded by picturesque rice fields and traditional Thai Lanna villages. Personalised Nutrition Plan Call Us Now VISA Assistance, airport pickup

Why Choose Baan Lalisa As Your Long Term
Retirement Home in Thailand?

All-inclusive Accommodation

Live a good retired life at our all-inclusive accommodation. Our resort-style place is designed to cover everything you need for the best quality of life. All clients have access to a pool, a fitness centre, a dining room, etc. With the peaceful mountainous view, we surround our place with large common spaces, gardens, and a lake to create a homely atmosphere and make this place special for all residents.

Highly-experienced Medical and Nursing Teams

Professional healthcare teams at Baan Lalisa are fully-qualified with a lot of experiences in taking care of the elderly. Our caregivers are trained in English for better communication with non-Thai residents. Trusted by many families, our dedicated team works very hard to provide the global standard of care and support for your loved one.

Individualised Care Plan

After obtaining a medical history and performing a physical examination, our care managers and medical team will consult with a client’s family to develop an individualised care plan suitable for each person. Our person-centred approach can successfully offer a comprehensive and customised care programme that completes each resident’s interests, needs and requirements. The plan is regularly updated as an ongoing reference, allowing the team to adapt quickly if a resident’s needs change.
At Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand, we provide the individualised care plan for all patients to make sure clients receive the best treatment to help them heal their conditions.
Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand offers wellness programmes to help clients to improve their mobility and movement.
Some people feel like ageing stops them from having fun in life. In fact, there are many activities for the elderly in which they can enjoy doing. Baan Lalisa retirement home in Thailand offers a wide range of onsite individual and group activities for seniors. We encourage them to continue doing what they love and finding new activities they might be interested in. Karaoke, arts and crafts, cooking classes, aerobics, and brain games are always available onsite with close care from our team. Moreover, we usually organise mini excursions that will expose you to the richness of Thai culture with fascinating workshops and sightseeing around the local community.

24/7 Medical Services and Nursing Care

Round-the-clock medical services and extra care are provided to clients who need assisted-living. Seniors with dementia, PD, and Alzheimer’s are under professional supervision at all times as our caretakers help them complete activities of daily living. For many seniors who need minor help, you can stay independent in a safe environment while receiving proper and adequate care when needed.
At Baan Lalisa Assisted Living in Thailand, all clients will receive the 24/7 care from the highly-experienced nursing team.
Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand offers a full programme for physical therapy by a highly-experienced physical therapist.
Staying physically active is an effective way to promote mobility in older age. Our home has large spaces and facilities that support walking, aerobic exercises, water exercises, lightweight training, and other movement therapies. Besides, Baan Lalisa has established our onsite Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Clinic to help each client increase their ability to function. We ensure your safety and effective physical therapy as our trusted team of physical therapists is certified by Thailand’s Ministry of Health.

Nutrition Care

Appetite loss in old age commonly occurs to seniors with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and to those with depression and stress. To increase their appetite, Baan Lalisa’s nutritionist team offers specialised nutrition care focusing on each person’s body needs. By selecting healthier food choices, our chef will prepare mixed dishes of Western and Asian cuisine and serve three savoury meals a day. All meals can be changed upon your requests and tropical fruits are also provided with all meals. If possible, we will encourage our residents to eat together in a dining room as they tend to eat more when they’re with friends.
At Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand, we give attention to personal nutritional needs. All clients receive the proper nutrition plan according to their personal and physical conditions.
At Baan Lalisa Retirement Home Thailand, all clients will receive personal health checks and care by a highly-experienced medical team.
We administer a routine physical check by a doctor to all residents to ensure their health and wellbeing. For members who require medications, our medical team will consult with their family and with their original doctor before developing a care plan. As all caregivers have been trained to deal with emergencies, you can be relieved that your loved seniors are in safe hands at all times.

Cutting-edge Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) technology

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy is a non-invasive treatment method that uses magnetic waves to adjust the functioning of the nervous system. As TMS causes no pain during the session and has no side effects, this FDA-approved therapy is suitable for a person with dementia, Alzheimer’s, PD and the elderly.
At Baan Lalisa Retirement Home Thailand, all clients will receive personal health checks and care by a highly-experienced medical team.
At Baan Lalisa Retirement Home Thailand, we have a team to help our clients to process VISA applications.
For those thinking of relocating to live in Thailand, the situation can become more complicated if you need to deal with it by yourself. Thailand has a special retirement visa which is the type that your elderly parents would most likely use to stay in the country long-term. We assist you to receive a one-year visa that can be renewed annually. The requirements are simple. Applicants for a retirement visa must be 50 years of age or older and must meet the financial requirements. Contact our professional team to guide you through.

Our Specialised Care

Dementia care at Baan Lalisa Retirement Home Thailand
Dementia Care
Exceptional care and support are provided by experienced caregivers for your loved ones who have lost their memory. Our holistic care plan is developed to focus on the improvement of their physical, emotional and spiritual health.
Alzheimer’s Disease Care at Retirement Home Thailand
Alzheimer’s Disease Care
With a caring attitude, our healthcare professionals will give full attention to seniors with Alzheimer’s. We also create a calm environment that promotes successful communication between patients and our caregivers.
Alzheimer’s Disease Care at Retirement Home Thailand
Parkinson’s Disease Care
Our care team will regularly monitor and review a PD patient’s conditions and form a weekly report to the family. We include various movement therapies to help them improve walking, balance and flexibility.

Baan Lalisa: A Home Away From Home

In addition to high-quality care and support, Baan Lalisa will treat your loved ones as a valued member of our family. We organise a birthday party on a member’s birthday so all seniors can stay socially active and have fun together. We aim to make every moment meaningful in this stage of life while helping them maintain their wellbeing as much as possible. Friends and family are always encouraged to pay a visit, spend time together, and stay in touch with their loved ones through a video call. Baan Lalisa’s commitment to you is to deliver cost-effective holistic care for your elderly parents. Our professional team will be happy to answer all your questions to help you make the right decision. Consult our experts and plan a long-term care programme for your parents now.


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