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Baan Lalisa Elderly Care Home in Thailand

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It is undeniable that getting older is a big challenge for both elders and caregivers. Some people may feel that every day is becoming more difficult as they experience various age-related changes in their physical and mental health. Due to parents’ dramatic changes in personality, body and mood, providing care and support is not a simple task that anyone in a family can fully manage to handle effectively. As a result, considering living in a high-quality elderly care home may be the best option for this situation.

Baan Lalisa Elderly Care Home in Thailand is an exquisite residential care home trusted by many families. Our all-inclusive residence creates the best living environment for seniors who require assisted-living or those who want to live independently with care. Understanding each senior’s differences, our most effective Elderly Care Programme is personalised and built around each individual’s needs under the close supervision of expert doctors and experienced nurses.

Due to Thailand’s lower living cost compared to the West, Baan Lalisa can provide your loved ones with the highest quality of care with an affordable price. Numbers of clients suffering from brain-based conditions and chronic pain have also reported positive responses as they feel better after undergoing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy offered by our onsite TMS clinic.

Experience the Highest Standard of Nursing Care at Your Affordable Cost Daily Physical Therapy Personalised Care Plan by Highly-Experienced Medical Team 24/7 Assistance by English-Speaking and Qualified Nursing Team Resort-style and clean residential accommodation surrounded by picturesque rice fields and traditional Thai Lanna villages. Personalised Nutrition Plan Call Us Now VISA Assistance, airport pickup

Stroke Rehabilitation

Baan Lalisa’s stroke rehabilitation plan consists of 2 key treatment elements: daily physical therapy and TMS. Our physiotherapist will help patients perform daily physical therapy to relearn simple motor activities and to move parts of their body with more flexibility and less pain. We also offer non-surgery TMS technology approved to positively affect patients’ manual dexterity, walking and balance.
Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand offers stroke rehabilitation by physiotherapists.
Baan Lalisa Assisted Living Thailand offers a personalised dementia care.

Dementia Care

Baan Lalisa offers Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) as a non-medical treatment for dementia. CST sessions are administered by our specially-trained professionals to small groups of people. To actively stimulate and help people with dementia stay socially active, these CST sessions cover various themed activities including current affairs, word association, word games and many others. Many onsite activities such as social gatherings and meeting up with friends and family can also be organised at Baan Lalisa.

Parkinson’s Disease Care

To improve your strength and minimise disability, our physiotherapist will develop a treatment plan that is suitable for your body and condition. Our routine physical therapy includes Amplitude training which allows patients to make exaggerated physical movements to prevent complete loss of muscle movement. There are also other exercises like Reciprocal pattern training and Balance training that will help you improve a better sense of body control. Stretching training, Flexibility training, and Strength training are as well added to your recovery plan. Baan Lalisa’s TMS onsite clinic offers a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment for Parkinson’s disease. During TMS sessions, a patient can sit comfortably while a TMS coil is placed around the head. With no side effects, the released magnetic waves can help regrow neuronal connections in parts of the brain.
Committed to providing the best care for your loved ones, Baan Lalisa offers all clients round-the-clock assistance from experienced caregivers. All residents are 24-hour monitored by professional medical and nursing teams.

Recreational Activities for the Elderly

Many people usually lose self-confidence as they age. Therefore, the goal of recreational activities at Baan Lalisa is to encourage them to regain self-esteem by staying socially active with other members of this new community. Seniors at Baan Lalisa can participate in various activities such as brain games, craftings, embroideries, cooking classes, simple exercises, etc.
Baan Lalisa Elderly Care Home in Thailand provides a personalised nutrition care.
A healthy diet is considered a non-medical approach to our clients’ wellbeing. Our nutritionists will provide a personalised meal plan that covers each senior’s body needs for the best recovering results. Staying with us, we assure you will receive all essential and adequate nutrition that help you stay healthy in the golden years.

Emergency Services and Ambulance

As your safety is our first concern, nurses and caregivers at Baan Lalisa are specially trained to deal with emergencies. We provide 24-hour emergency ambulance service as well as non-emergency patient transportation for accompanying patients to doctor appointments at the hospital and to return home.
At Baan Lalisa Thailand, you will be ensured to receive emergency support from our highly-experienced teams.
Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand provides daily physical therapy to all clients who are required to receive the treatment care.
A personalised physical therapy plan is developed by our physical therapist team for stroke patients, patients with Parkinson’s Disease and those recovering from surgery. To help them improve their physical mobility, a daily programme is provided every day under the close care of professional therapists. Every week, our therapists will evaluate each patient’s performance and report progress to their families.


All branches of Baan Lalisa provide clients with a safe and cheerful environment that promotes the process of recovery. Our resort-style residences are designed concerning accessibility, safety and emergency transport. Our well-loved homes are surrounded by natural surroundings that give a friendly and homely atmosphere that promote a sense of belongingness. All seniors have access to a full range of services and amenities such as a swimming pool, activity room, fitness centre, etc. Living together with friends in the most comfortable home full of fun, comfort, and laughter will help all seniors maintain the balance of physical and mental wellbeing.
Baan Lalisa Nursing Home and Assisted Living in Thailand provides world class standard care in the resort-styled accommodation.

Baan Lalisa Elderly Care Programme:
Exceptional Elderly Care for Parents

Ageing is a continuous process and we believe that all seniors deserve consistent high-quality care to help them do what they value throughout their lives. Baan Lalisa offers a cost-effective elderly care programme that allows seniors to live in a healing environment. We take care of your loved ones as a part of our family. Contact us today for more information about how we can come up with a specialised plan for your parents.

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