Baan Lalisa Nursing Home is Asia’s Best Dementia Care Home in Thailand

Baan Lalisa Asia’s Best Dementia Care Home in Thailand

Dementia is not a single disease but a broad term used to describe symptoms of memory loss, a decline of communication, problem-solving, learning and thinking abilities. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. At Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand, we strive to provide a person with dementia with high-quality and person-centred care and support that can improve their overall wellbeing. By collaborating with families, our experts will develop a specialised care programme that is suitable for each person’s conditions and needs.
As dementia progresses, there will be changes in behaviour and emotions which require full attention from caregivers. Baan Lalisa’s nursing teams will provide round-the-clock care and support to help them perform daily activities and engage with the community. Due to the Thai value to respect the elderly and our warm hospitality, all guests will be treated with respect at all times at Baan Lalisa.
We aim to make this place a home for everyone by creating a cheerful and comfortable environment close to nature. We also offer a wide range of onsite activities that your loved ones would love to participate in. We would like to help them stay active, continue doing what they love and learn new experiences as much as possible.

Why Choose Baan Lalisa Dementia Care Home in Thailand?

Specialised Programme for Dementia

Baan Lalisa’s medical and nursing team strive to help seniors with dementia to stay active and help them with daily activities under the close supervision of experienced carers. For some seniors who may have difficulty expressing their requirements to caregivers, we have a specialised team who will care for their comfort and regularly check for pain, hunger, thirst, fatigue, and skin irritation. Living together in a calm and comfortable environment, you can put your mind at ease as your loved ones are in good hands.
Dementia specialised team at Baan Lalisa Nursing Home in Thailand
Nurse is helping dementia clients to do daily activities at Baan Lalisa Assisted Living

24/7 Medical and Nursing Care

24/7 medical and nursing care at Baan Lalisa are provided to all residents during their stay. For those who require a higher level of care, our staff can give complete assistance with their daily needs and activities. Health checkups are also available daily by a doctor to ensure their wellbeing. Besides, our home emphasises the development of a meaningful relationship between a patient and the team based on trust and empathy so we can understand them better and provide the care and support they deserve.

NEF Technology

To ensure the proper care while sleeping, we use a monitoring and alarming system called “NEF” to remotely monitor movements of a person with dementia when in bed. As a person might not be able to change position when sleeping, the system will notify our caregivers when a reposition is needed. We have included the NEF technology in all branches of our nursing home.
Baan Lalisa assisted living in Thailand provides the NEF technology for bedridden clients to monitor clients with dementia.
Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand offers onsite activities to promote the well-beings of our clients.
Onsite activities are used as a non-medical approach for people with dementia at Baan Lalisa. To actively stimulate and help them stay socially active, we provide activities such as arts and crafts, card and board games, ball games, singing, quizzes, photography, fishing on our lake etc. There are also many group activities such as bingo and supervised swimming along with social occasions. We encourage our guests to walk in the gardens and spend their time outside so they do not feel ‘locked away’ in a facility. They can also manage their own plant pots with the help of our carers.

Weekly Excursions

Weekly excursions can benefit both physical and mental well-being of a patient with dementia. It increases the opportunity to recall and evoke good memories in the past. Reminiscence can contribute to a sense of confidence through the use of the skills they still have. Moreover, being outside can help improve mood, sleep and reduce stress. The weekly excursions include sightseeing around cultural attractions, craft workshops and cooking classes — all depend on their interests.
Senior Female Patient Eating Meal In Hospital Bed
Proper nutrition will keep the body strong and healthy. With advice from our nutritionists, our chefs will prepare a balanced diet with a variety of food that is suitable for each person’s body needs. Our dishes include fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products and lean protein food for our seniors. Our caregivers will pay attention to the elders’ ability to eat and their preferences towards kinds of food. The seniors will be given plenty of time to eat slowly and eat together with others. Also, we will remind them to drink water and keep them hydrated.

TMS Technology for a Person with Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is offered as an alternative treatment method for improving mood and reducing symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease at our onsite clinic at Baan Lalisa. TMS is a non-invasive technique that uses repetitive magnetic pulses to modulate brain activity. It has no side effects and a person will feel no pain during a TMS session. When employed together with cognitive training and medications, many clients have performed positive therapeutic progress after receiving the TMS sessions.
Baan Lalisa Nursing Home in Thailand offers TMS technology to help reduce or delay the symptoms of dementia and alzheimer.
Baan Lalisa Nursing Home in Thailand offers the travel assistance for visa application.
Relocating your parents to our residential care facility in Thailand requires a one-year visa which can be renewed annually. To be eligible for the visa, your parents must be 50 years old and must meet the financial requirements. They will need a deposit of 800,000 Thai Baht into a Thai bank account in at least two months before applying. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact our team as we are happy to help you from the first step to the yearly visa extension.

Baan Lalisa: Dementia Care Home Thailand for Your Loved One

As all types of dementia are progressive, our care plan is always adjustable to a person’s changes in behaviours, emotions and personal capabilities. Our experts in various fields will work together with you to develop a care programme that is appropriate for each person through all stages. We always keep our team updated about the changes so they can deliver proper care and support. If you’re looking for a dementia care home for your parents, we are here to help you make the right decision. Contact us now for more information about the personalised care programme we can offer for your loved one with dementia.



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