Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand offers dedicated bedridden care.

Bedridden Care in Thailand

We understand that it can be a difficult decision to leave your loved ones in nursing care, especially, when your loved one has a bedridden condition. A bedridden person can easily become vulnerable to different complications such as pressure sore, ankylosis, loss of muscle strength, depression, etc. Pressure sore is the most common complication of bedridden persons which is a serious concern in long-term care. Without good care and the explicit understanding of the bedridden condition, the complications can be developing within a short time which can be detrimental to life. Bedside care is essential for bedridden clients as they will need a special assistant from others. Our highly- skilled nurses will pay full attention to the client to ensure that they will get help that they need.
A bedridden person will need extra support and care due to their abilities and health condition. Baan Lalisa Nursing Home will take care of your loved one by providing the high-quality bedridden care from our highly-experienced nurses and staff including NEF technology, diet and nutrition care, etc. Our goal is to provide excellent and high quality care which embraces the primary basis of safety standard practices to make every day the best it can be. We offer a wide range of onsite activities for your loved ones to help them stay both socially and mentally active. At Baan Lalisa, your loved one can stay close to their friends and local community to ward off their loneliness and spend time on enjoyable activities.

Why Choose Baan Lalisa Bedridden Care in Thailand?

Bedsore nursing care

There are innumerable people who encounter bedsores each year which can lead to serious harm later. Bedsores usually occur to elder people or people who have the limited ability to change position for a long time. Additionally, bedsores clients are not able to change their sleeping position by themselves. If they stay in the same position for a long time, it can lead to pressure sore which causes the infection. At Baan Lalisa, all clients will receive excellent and personalised care from our qualified nurses, 24/7 for assisting clients’ positions every 2 hours to prevent the risk of developing pressure sores. Moreover, we also provide special beds for your loved one which will make them feel more comfortable and prevent the pressure sores as well.
Baan Lalisa Bedridden care in Thailand offers personalised bedsore nursing care.
Senior Female Patient Eating Meal In Hospital Bed

Diet and nutrition care

Food and nutrition are other significant factors that help to decrease the risk of a pressure sore. Providing appropriate nutrition and nutrition monitoring is important to improve eating habits and overall health outcomes of your loved one. Baan Lalisa has experienced nutritionists who can help you to balance the diet and provide a suitable diet for each client. Furthermore, we also have an occupational therapist who can assist our clients who have dysphagia conditions. You can ensure that your loved one will receive the personalised diet care plan that will help them to stay healthy and happy.

Tracheostomy care and Indwelling urinary catheterization care

If you are thinking of moving into a nursing home and your loved one has a tracheostomy, you might have a lot of questions. Tracheostomy care is the medical procedure that helps to keep the trach tube clean to prevent the risk of a clogged tube and infections. It is essential to have an experienced and qualified nurse to take care of and evaluate the possible complications. At Baan Lalisa, our nurses will receive intensive tracheostomy training. Apart from this, our physical therapists will help your loved one with the percussion method in order to prevent complications from tracheostomy. For our clients who have a urinary catheterization, we will change their tube every 2 weeks to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections.
Baan Lalisa Bedsore Nursing Care Home Thailand provides holistic care for bedridden clients including tracheostomy care and Indwelling urinary catheterization care.
At Baan Lalisa Thailand, clients receive incontinence care in bedridden Care programme
Personal hygiene and skin health are essential when we are taking care of your loved one. There is a high risk of infection and pressure sore for people who wear an adult diaper for a long period. In this case, our qualified nurse will follow the hygiene standard by changing a client’s diaper every 2 hours. Especially for our clients who have incontinence issues, our practical nurses will often come and check the client.

Practicing physical therapy

Ankylosis is the possible complication of a bedridden client. Our physiotherapist will design a suitable physical therapy program for each client to prevent ankylosis. Your loved one will receive the personalised exercise plan which will reduce the stiffness of muscles and prevent the ankylosis.
Our dedicated programme for bedridden Care in Thailand provides NEF technology to help people change their sleeping position.
Maintaining a safe and healthy environment is the priority of Baan Lalisa Chiang Mai, Thailand. To follow our safety measures and ensure the proper care while sleeping, we use the NEF technology which is the monitoring and alarming system that allows the caregiver to visualize a bedridden client while sleeping. It is difficult for bedridden people to change their sleeping position. The NEF system will notify our staff when a reposition is needed. Furthermore, this innovation also provides an accurate diagnosis as well. Baan Lalisa Chiang Mai is the best dementia nursing home in Chiang Mai. We are passionate about caring and supporting your loved ones as family members. You can ensure that your loved one will be taken care of as a family member through 24/7 with the best quality nursing care, experienced nurse and high-technology equipment.

A Trusted Care for Your Loved One - Baan Lalisa Asia’s Best Nursing Home in Thailand

Taking care of a bedridden person can be challenging and requires an understanding of the condition and nursing experience. We understand your concern that may come from an unknown future. Baan Lalisa bedridden care is determined to provide the best bedridden care for your loved one with highly skilled nurses and high technology equipment. We will ensure that everybody will get high quality and suitable treatment by relying on their personal health condition. We also aim to create a family atmosphere and a friendly community to our residents to make sure that they have a comfortable, safe and happy life. We support our residents and their families 24/7 with honest advice and the best care for each person. We offer free support and consultation through our call on xxxx. You are also welcome to visit our site at any time. Please feel free to contact us to arrange the onsite tour. If you are looking for the nursing home for your loved one, contact us today for the confidential consultation.



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