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Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand: a Cheerful Living with Top Standard Nursing Care and Services in Southeast Asia

Welcome to Baan Lalisa, the Premier Nursing Home in Thailand with the best quality of care and treatment in Southeast Asia. Thailand has long been recognised as one of the world’s most renowned hospitality and medical tourism destinations. Thailand is an ideal place for retirement and assisted living due to the affordability of its amazing high-quality care and services. Due to the reduced cost of living in Southeast Asia compared to the West, Baan Lalisa has been able to provide all clients with high-quality, all-inclusive inpatient nursing care at a lower price than comparable standard treatment centers in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. Our services and treatments are administered by qualified medical teams and nursing personnel. Your loved ones will receive full attention from our professionals and have access to 24-hour care and assistance while staying with us.

At Baanlalisa, worry-free living is the standard. Here, cultural and linguistic obstacles to communication are not an issue. Respect for the elderly has long been a component of our Asian culture. Therefore, you will be greeted with great respect and honour. Regarding the efficient support of our exclusive clientele, our personnel are well-trained and able to speak English fluently. During the course of your treatment, our English-speaking physicians will be available to offer you advice and unmatched medical care.

Personalised care

Baan Lalisa offers highly-effective and personalised care programmes including Elderly Care Programme, Bedridden Patient Care Programme, Stroke Patient Care Programme, Alzheimer Care Programme, Post-Operative Care Programme, and Long Stay Programme. In addition, Cutting-edge medical technologies such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is applied as our alternative treatment. These treatment methods are provided by our own clinic located just in the centre. Apart from our effective programmes, a healthy diet is highly considered as a non-medical way to improve our clients’ health. At our home, each client is ensured to receive a nutritious and sufficient diet which is tailored by nutritionists to meet each individual’s body needs. And for those who need daily physical therapy, our therapists will design a personalised treatment plan, and closely monitor each client’ performance as well as report weekly progress to the family.

Discover What Retirement Has To Offer

Our resort-style residence is surrounded by its own garden and lake, and each home provides a homey and comfortable environment for your stay. They have access to an extensive array of services and amenities, including a swimming pool, activity room, fitness center, etc. At Baan Lalisa, all residents are encouraged to participate in a wide range of individual and group activities, such as arts and crafts, cognitive games, cooking lessons, etc. We also provide weekly mini trips and courses that will allow you to discover the local community and gain new experiences.

The Highest Standard of Care at Baanlalisa Nursing Home in Thailand

Baan Lalisa lays a strong emphasis on providing outstanding care and therapy. For the most effective recovery outcomes, we believe that every treatment plan must be tailored to the specific requirements of each client. Our specialized staff are committed to maximizing the quality of life and well-being of all residents via care and assistance.

Professional medical and nursing teams at Baanlalisa Nursing Home in Thailand

Professional Medical Personnel and Qualified Nursing Team

One of Baan Lalisa’s major aims is to provide specialized care and assistance through competent medical teams and personnel. To ensure the quality of life for your loved ones, all clients are visited weekly by doctors and have access to 24-hour care from our caregivers. 

Cutting-edge Technology: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a therapy technique at Baan Lalisa. Only our nursing home in Thailand employs this advanced medical technology. FDA-approved Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) employs magnetic waves to activate brain nerve cells non-invasively. It helps dementia, stroke, depression, migraine, and other brain-based diseases. We also use TMS to treat chronic muscular pain, since it helps recover from muscle fatigue and improves nervous system function. Our people with this condition recover best with TMS and physical therapy.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Clinic in Chiang Mai
A daily physical therapy is performed under a close care of professional therapists at Baanlalisa Nursing Home in Thailand

Daily Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy Programme at Baan Lalisa places a premium on the health and safety of its patients under the expert supervision of our licensed therapists. Our course is developed for bedridden patients, stroke patients, and patients with post-operative conditions. In addition to improving the patients’ physical conditions, our daily therapy program can prevent the risk of immobility-related problems such as muscular spasms, braces, pressure injuries, etc. Each week, our therapists will assess each patient’s performance, develop treatment programs, and update the patients’ families on their progress.

Ambulance Service

Baan Lalisa provides emergency ambulance service to all clients around the clock. We also provide non-emergency patient transportation to accompany patients to hospital medical visits and return home.

24-hour ambulance service at Baanlalisa Nursing Home Thailand.
A nutritionist at Baanlalisa Nursing Home Thailand

Weekly Dietary Guidance by Our Nutritionists

As one ages, a well-balanced diet becomes increasingly vital to their health and wellness. Every day at Baan Lalisa, you are certain to get sufficient and nourishing meals under the supervision of our trained dietitians. For the most successful healing outcomes throughout your stay, you will be given with a food plan that is tailored to your specific dietary requirements.

Live the meaningful life in the most comfortable home at Baan Lalisa

When staying at Baan Lalisa, life is more joyful. We provide the elderly with unique wellness living experiences. All locations of the Baan Lalisa nursing homes provide clients with a safe and upbeat environment that facilitates their recuperation. Our resort-style facilities adhere to nursing home accessibility, safety, and emergency transport requirements. Our residences, which are surrounded by our own garden and lake, promote a sense of belonging amongst our clients by providing a warm and welcoming environment. Our tenants have access to a comprehensive array of services and amenities, including a swimming pool, activity room, fitness center, etc. We believe that living with friends in an all-inclusive house filled with fun, warmth, and laughter will promote the ideal balance between physical and mental health.

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Live Gracefully in Your Well-loved Home: Baan Lalisa Nursing Home in Thailand

Become a member of our family. At Baan Lalisa, you can be certain that your loved ones will receive the highest quality of nursing care and treatment from highly-experienced specialists, while maintaining a dynamic and meaningful existence by having access to 24-hour help and residing in a pleasant, comfortable setting with friends. For the best recovery outcomes, we adhere to our treatment plan using cutting-edge technology (TMS) in our therapy processes. You may rest assured that your loved ones will receive the greatest care from us if you choose to stay with us. We believe that longer lifespans provide more opportunities for personal fulfillment, skill development, and significant contributions to society. Contact Baan Lalisa now for more information about how we can develop a personalised care plan to help restore joy and laughter back into the life of your loved one if you’re ready to explore all the possibilities that the golden years have to offer.


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Resort-style Nursing Home at Siripunna Villa Resort and Spa Chiang Mai

With a peaceful lush green environment, Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa Chiang Mai is a secure and beautiful nursing home centre that attracts and fulfills unforgettable memories to your stay. It is a warm and tasteful place decorated in the typical Lanna style which enchants and welcomes all guests to a more simply fulfilled life. A massive green garden allows seniors and patients to participate in many outdoor activities such as going for a walk for fresh air and doing some light exercises. The centre itself is all-inclusive and equipped with facilities e.g. physical therapy rooms, dining rooms, activity rooms, a massive pool, etc.


Resort-style Beach Nursing Home at Baan Lalisa Phuket

Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Phuket is a purpose-built, luxury care home located in the picturesque beach town of Phuket, Thailand. Our home has been beautifully designed, including huge green space. The project is designed with meticulous attention to cater to the senior living. Baan Lalisa Nursing Home provides outstanding Nursing, Residential, Dementia and Respite care on a 24-hour basis.


Baan Lalisa Nursing Home in Pattaya. Our center provides exceptional care for seniors in a serene and beautiful setting. With a beautiful coastal city in Thailand that offers a perfect blend of traditional Thai culture and modern amenities. Our senior care center is located in a peaceful area, surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful scenery. We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of seniors, including medical care, rehabilitation, and assistance with daily activities. We work closely with families and healthcare professionals to develop a personalized care plan for each resident.



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