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Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand: a Cheerful Living with Top Standard Nursing Care and Services in Southeast Asia

Welcome to Baan Lalisa, the Top Nursing Home in Thailand with the highest standard of treatment and care service in Southeast Asia. For so long Thailand has been recognised as one of the world’s famous destinations in the hospitality industry. With the affordability of exceptional high-quality care and services, Thailand is a perfect country for retirement and assisted living. Due to the lower cost of living in Southeast Asia compared to the West, Baan Lalisa has provided all clients’ everyday life with a high-quality and all-inclusive inpatient nursing care that costs less than the price of similar standard treatment centres in the UK, Australia, and the US. Our services and treatments are managed by professional medical teams and qualified nursing staff. Staying with us, your loved ones are assured to receive full attention from our professionals as well as access to 24-hour care and support.

Live a worry-free life at Baanlalisa. Here, you do not need to be concerned about cultural differences and language barriers in communication. Since being respectful to the elders has long been a part of our Asian culture, you will be welcomed with high respect and honour. Concerning the efficient support for our exclusive group of clients, our staff are well-trained and are able to speak fluent English. You can also get advice and unparalleled medical service from our English-speaking doctors throughout your treatment processes.

Personalised care

Baan Lalisa offers highly-effective and personalised care programmes including Elderly Care Programme, Bedridden Patient Care Programme, Stroke Patient Care Programme, Alzheimer Care Programme, Post-Operative Care Programme, and Long Stay Programme. In addition, Cutting-edge medical technologies such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), and stem cell therapy are applied as our alternative treatments. These treatment methods are provided by our own clinic located just in the centre. Apart from our effective programmes, a healthy diet is highly considered as a non-medical way to improve our clients’ health. At our home, each client is ensured to receive a nutritious and sufficient diet which is tailored by nutritionists to meet each individual’s body needs. And for those who need daily physical therapy, our therapists will design a personalised treatment plan, and closely monitor each client’ performance as well as report weekly progress to the family.

Discover What Retirement Has To Offer

Surrounded by our own garden, and lake, all homes of our resort-style residence give a homely and comfortable environment to your enjoyable stay. They are provided with a full range of services and amenities such as a swimming pool, activity room, fitness centre and etc. At Baan Lalisa, all residents are encouraged to engage in varieties of individual and group activities including art & crafts, brain games, cooking classes and etc. For our active seniors who have lots of energy to explore, we organise weekly mini excursions and workshops that will take you to look around the local community and acquire new experiences.

The Highest Standard of Care at Baanlalisa Nursing Home in Thailand

Baan Lalisa places a great emphasis on the exceptional standard of care and treatment. For the most effective recovery results, we believe that every treatment plan must be personalised and adapted to each individual client’ needs. Our specialist professionals are dedicated to provide care and support to maximise all residents’ quality of life and wellbeing.

Experience the Highest Standard of Nursing Care at Your Affordable Cost Daily Physical Therapy Personalised Care Plan by Highly-Experienced Medical Team 24/7 Assistance by English-Speaking and Qualified Nursing Team Resort-style and clean residential accommodation surrounded by picturesque rice fields and traditional Thai Lanna villages. Personalised Nutrition Plan Call Us Now VISA Assistance, airport pickup
Professional medical and nursing teams at Baanlalisa Nursing Home in Thailand

Experienced Medical Professionals and Qualified Nursing Staffs

Providing specialist care and support by experienced medical teams and qualified staff is one of Baan Lalisa’s top priorities. To ensure your loved ones’ quality of life, all clients are visited daily by doctors and are able to access round-the-clock assistance from our caregivers.

Cutting-edge Technology: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Baan Lalisa offers the effective cutting-edge technology, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), in our treatment plan. We are the only nursing care in Thailand that uses this innovative medical technology for our clients. Approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS is a non-invasive treatment that uses magnetic waves to gently stimulate nerve cells in the brain. It is particularly effective in remedying dementia, stroke, depression, migraine and a range of other brain-based conditions. We also apply TMS treatment to those who have chronic muscle pain as it helps recover from muscle fatigue and improve the functioning of the nervous system. For stroke patients under our care, TMS treatment is applied together with physical therapy for their best recovery.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Clinic in Chiang Mai
A daily physical therapy is performed under a close care of professional therapists at Baanlalisa Nursing Home in Thailand

Daily Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy Programme at Baan Lalisa prioritizes clients’ health and safety under the excellent care of our professional therapists. Our programme is designed for bedridden patients, stroke patients, and patients after discharge. Apart from improving the patients’ physical conditions, our daily therapy programme can reduce potential complications of immobility such as muscle contractions, braces, pressure injuries, and etc. Every week, our therapists will evaluate each patient’s performance, create recovery plans, and report progress to their families.

Ambulance Service

Baan Lalisa provides 24-hour ambulance service to all clients in emergency cases. We also offer non-emergency patient transportation for accompanying patients to doctor appointments at hospital and to return home.

24-hour ambulance service at Baanlalisa Nursing Home Thailand.
A nutritionist at Baanlalisa Nursing Home Thailand

Weekly Dietary Guidance by Our Nutritionists

As you advance in age, a balanced diet is considered very important to your health and wellbeing. Everyday at Baan Lalisa, you’re guaranteed to receive sufficient and nutritious meals guided by our professional nutritionists. For the most effective recovery results during your stay, each individual client will be provided with a different meal plan that is suitable for each person’ body needs.

Live the meaningful life in the most comfortable home at Baan Lalisa

Life is more enjoyable when staying at Baan Lalisa. We offer new experiences of a wellness living concept for the elderly. All branches of Baan Lalisa nursing homes provide clients with a safe and cheerful environment that promotes the process of better recovery. Our resort-style residences are designed to meet nursing home standards to ensure accessibility, safety and emergency transport. Surrounded by our own garden and lake, our homes give a friendly and homely atmosphere that advances a sense of belongingness to our clients. Here, our residents have access to a full range of services and amenities such as a swimming pool, activity room, fitness centre and etc. We believe that living together with friends in an all-inclusive home full of fun, comfort, and laughter will help deliver the perfect balance of physical and mental wellbeing.

Our Programmes

Only daily care and a balanced diet may not be enough for ageing well. Baan Lalisa offers holistic care underlying clients’ both physical and mental wellbeing. Our care plan focuses on your health improvement and social connection that will help seniors maintain a dignified life.
effective care plan for bedridden clients.
Bedridden Care
Our nursing team is specially trained in bedridden patient care. To prevent some complications and to support personal hygiene, 24-hour expertise care is provided along with repositioning and a daily doctor visit to ensure the proper caring for a bed-bound patient. We use a monitoring and alarming system called “NEF” to remotely monitor an in-bed patient’ movements.
Personalised care programme for chronic pain at Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand.
Chronic Pain Care
Chronic Pain Care Programme encompasses many kinds of treatment that will help resolve the pain for a pain-free life. Physical therapy, hydrotherapy, TMS, ultrasound therapy, and ergonomic therapy are selectively included for the most effective healing process.
Baan Lalisa is specialised in dementia and alzheimer.
Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care
Baan Lalisa’s care programme for dementia patients combines all elements required for effectiveness in delaying dementia. Apart from extra care, a good diet, and brain exercises, cutting-edge technologies like TMS and NEF are also applied to help them maintain a quality of life.
High level of care is always affordable at Baan Lalisa. We are a trusted retirement facility in Thailand that not only provides world-class care and support for our clients but also offers a wide range of activities that will bring happiness and joy into your retirement.
a specialised short stay programme at Baan Lalisa Nursing Home Thailand.
Short Stays
Thailand has long been a world renowned destination for vacation. Our short-term programme offers you a tour around the northern region of Thailand. Explore the country’s most incredible natural wonders and fascinating culture while staying in the best nursing care home in Thailand.

Live Gracefully in Your Well-loved Home: Baan Lalisa Nursing Home in Thailand

Be a part of our family. At Baan Lalisa, your loved ones are ensured to receive the highest standard of nursing care and treatment by experienced professionals. Maintaining a powerful and meaningful life by getting access to 24-hour assistance and living in a comfortable and cheerful environment with friends. We comply with our treatment plan with cutting-edge technologies (TMS) used in our treatment processes for the best recovering results. Stay with us, you will be confident that your loved ones will receive the best service from us. We believe that longer lives bring greater opportunities for personal fulfilment, skill development, and critical contributions to society. If you’re ready to explore all the possibilities that the golden years have to offer, Contact Baan Lalisa Today for more information on how we can then come up with a nursing care plan to help bring light and laughter back into the life of your loved one.

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